How to add logo under website title in Travelify WordPress theme?

Hi Aigars, your kind

Appreciate your wonderful effort,
I am new to all of this, but am enjoying helping my wife with her project

I wonder how can we add our logo beside the name on top, cause it seems either one of those is possible.

also as part of learning, I came across this site can we do the same thing with your theme or it requires a higher level of expertise on our side.

For sitt title above logo.
Open file called header-extensions.php located in theme folder → library → structure and add the following lines of code on line 218 right before site-title.

You can copy/paste this code from the same file on line 208. Just above the place where you should put your code.

Now enable logo via Theme Options and now you will see both - website title and logo.

To create website similar to you will have to pust in some effort but everything is duable. There are a lot of plugins on that will get you started. The one I highly recommend is this one:
It will help you to set some tabs, buttons and other elements.
You can literally do everything with WordPress even if you are not familiar with frontend web development.

Your a star, thank you, I will donate from our first business we get, even if we got it through friends :slight_smile: have a good one. i will do my best to follow your instructions, i followed u on twitter

I like the theme so far thank you for building it.
I also would like to have the tagline-title below the logo image, however I am wondering why you just don’t do an update to the theme to have that option rather then have us modify the theme core files.

I personally wont do any major mods like you recommended. For now I will continue to use the theme as is until I either see you update it or I find one that fits my needs. Not trying to be hard here it just does not make sense to me for a legitimate upgrade to not just update the theme rather then make patch replies. Yea if it is something out of the norm maybe custom mods are justified. this case is not one.
Thank you again for the theme.

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