How to add regular images for slider without using posts

I love this theme, but I have one big issue with it. It appears I’m forced to use my blog post pictures for the slider. Can I change that so I can have only the pictures I want (like from my stored media)?

Great work and thanks in advance!

This theme doesn’t have other option to add images in slider than ones that are set as featured images. However, you have two options how you can change that.

  1. Replace this function

<?php dazzling_featured_slider(); ?>

inside front-page.php (if static page is used in front) index.php (if blog page is used in front). If you don’t know what I am talking about, just change it in both places and you will be fine.

You should replace above mentioned function with this code and add your own images, title, descriptions and image size.

<div class="flexslider">
	<ul class="slides">
			<img width="1920" height="550" src="">
			<div class="flex-caption">
				<a href="">
					<h2 class="entry-title">Slide #1 Title</h2>
					<div class="excerpt">Description text for slide #1</div>
			<img width="1920" height="550" src="">
			<div class="flex-caption">
				<a href="">
					<h2 class="entry-title">Slide #2 Title</h2>
					<div class="excerpt">Description text for slide #2</div>

Your slider still needs to be enabled because this code above still depends on it but you have manually replicated its structure.

  1. Another option is to use some slider plugin and there are plenty of great options available on

Please,how can i create slider on the homepage. I followed the documentation for the theme and it failed to create. Plus, the sliders’ category in the theme’s option is empty. how do i create a category for the slider. I just installed the theme for my website. Thks.


Slider is based on regular blog posts and posts are selected based on category in which blog post is posted.

If you have no posts published on your website then obviously “Slider’s category” is going to be empty.

So steps you need to take:

  1. Publish regular blog posts
  2. Assign those blog posts to some category (any category)
  3. Set featured images for those posts.
  4. Select this category with posts in Theme Options to be used on slider.

If you have static web page with no blog posts then use approach I have explained above when answered @npdavenport’s question.

Thk U very much. it worked perfectly well.


I am pretty new to Wordpress and I decided to use the Dazzling theme. I have a question related to this topic, but my issue is that in the Editor I cannot find any piece of code related to the slider functionality. I have downloaded the latest version of Dazzling i.e. 1.3.6.

Am I missing a step that I should perform in order to have this functionality? As far as I read in the documentation Dazzling comes with Flexslider already build in the theme. I attach what I have in the Editor as code.

Please advise.


with attachment

  1. Please read theme documentation.
  2. Read this exact thread thread you are on right now. Now read it again, again and again.

When you know documentation and this thread by heart and have tried all mentioned things and slider still doesn’t work, please come back and explain where did you get stuck and I will try to help you from there.

You don’t need to be familiar with WordPress as long as you can read and know how to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Hey Aigars,

I’m trying to add regular images to the featured slider as well, for

And I changed the code, both on index.php and front-page.php and I even enabled the slider. Yet, the slider isn’t showing up on the home page.

Could you please help me out?


Weirdly, the images popped up when I disabled the slider and they were in a linear format. So, I put the code under comments and disabled the slider for the time being though.

Wait, My first comment didn’t get posted!

I want to customize the slider images as well, so I replaced the code on index.php and front-page.php and enabled the slider, but the slider wasn’t showing up.


I am 100% sure that code given here does work if you follow all the instructions.

Right now you have commented out that code, so it won’t do anything, also slider is not enabled on your website.

If it doesn’t help try to disable all plugins and see if that does anything.

Let me know if this helps/

Hi Aigars,

Thanks for your earlier post on this thread, I used the code to get the slider to work independently of blog post images. However I can only find;

<?php dazzling_featured_slider(); ?>

in header.php, I don’t find index.php of front-page.php. And then the result is that the slider is on every page - I am trying to get the slider only on the front, static page.

Please advise


This thread is outdated and already marked as resolved.

Please start your own thread and we will help you from there.

Sorry for inconvenience.