How to add search box to navigation bar for Dazzling WordPress theme

Hi Movin,

Thanks again; just one more thing. When I hover over search box in Internet Explorer, there is a button - search block - that comes up. You can eventually click on box and get cursor, but just looks weird. Any suggestions to remove it?


Hi Alex,

You can remove the search box using the following CSS code.

.navbar .bop-nav-search label.screen-reader-text {
  display: none;


But I just put it in! :slight_smile: haha. typo… I think you meant that for Alex, I was confused for a moment. All good! Thanks for the great support.

Hi Mario,

Sorry for disturbing you.

Yes it was typo which i have corrected now :slight_smile:


Thanks so much Movin; works great!

You are always welcome here :slight_smile: