How to add Smoth Scroll menu with Widget

Hello. Thanks for this beautiful theme.

I have to ask. I want to make a menu in my website that redirect me to one widget in the front page.
This is the web I’m working on:

These are the steps I made:

  1. Activated the Css Class in the menu configuration.
  2. Copied the widget Id.
  3. Created a Menu in the Menu section.
  4. Put a web: and the name (Programa).
  5. Added the Widget Id in the CSS box.

I think this is the right step, but it is not working.

I would really appreciate the help of any of you guys. (Pd. it’s my first complicated web).

Hey there,
Hope you’re doing well today

The reason this isn’t working is because you’re adding a class, but referencing an ID.

In order to get smooth scrolling, you’re going to have to use a plugin or do some heavy customization to the theme.

The cheaper way out would be a plugin. While at the moment I’m not sure of any such plugin, you could check or for a plugin that works.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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