How to add widgets to footer?

How to change the copyright in footer to like: Copyright © 2013 – Nicer Blog – All Rights Reserved from the default? How to add more widgets to footer of site too?

Only two widgets fit.

This is known issues and will be solved in next theme version.

To resolve it right no you can follow these simple steps:

Find “#footerarea .widget” inside style.css file and reduce its width to
from 30.35% to 27.35%; So it will look like this:

#footerarea .widget {
	float: left;
	margin-left: 2.97%;
	width: 27.35%;

Copyright information can be found inside “shortcodes.php”. Please leave our theme link there to contribute theme development.

Thanks for that. You are one cool guy. Like I said this is an awesome theme.

I just looked for shortcodes.php in editor and there is no shortcodes.php. Is it somewhere else?

Nevermind I found it on the server. I will just edit it there and leave the link to here. Just wanted to take the powered by WordPress out.

Editing on server did not work it gave site a 500 error. So I reuploaded the shortcodes.php the original one. Guess it won’t be able to change. Unless I took wrong stuff out of it.

I am just going to leave it the way it is, because it just takes out the link and says powered by [wp-link] something like that and looks ugly. If I remove the function, then I get a 500 error and site won’t load.

Maybe a little paranoid, but when people see that your site is on WordPress or what ever platform, they tend to think they have an opportunity of hacking it to take it down. At if I was one and good one that is what I would do. I don’t and don’t want my site to be the victim of it. I guess even if I did not advertise I used WordPress it would still happen. Don’t worry about that, but the widget helps.

t’s a bit tricky to remove it since it uses PHP rather than just plain html.

To get rid of just just “Powered by WordPress” you can remove

‘.__( ‘Powered by’, ‘travelify’ ).’ ‘.’[wp-link] ‘.’
from “footer-extensions.php”.

If you want to secure your WordPress website I would recommend to keep it up-to-date and implement basic security settings such as:

  • limit number of failed password guesses
  • don’t use “admin” as username
  • use secure password

If you are not developer I recommend to use this plugin. It does everything you will need to secure your WordPress website.

Hope this helps.