How to adjust height of feature image in a post

Hello everyone
I’ve been using your Activello theme and really like it. Hovever I’d like to change one thing. When viewing the detail of a blog post I’d like to display the feature image in full size. Right now they get always cropped in height. I still want them to scale to whatever width but I’d like the height to be whatever it really is. I thought I had found the right function but it didn’t change anything. In functions.php I set the add_image_size( ‘activello-featured’, 1170, 550, true ); to add_image_size( ‘activello-featured’, 1170 ); (which I though would scale instead of crop) but that didn’t change anything. Is there any way this can be adjusted (with little effort)? I’m a developer myself but I’m not very familiar with WordPress nor PHP.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi Serge,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

To achieve this just use the custom plugin shared in the following topic.

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Hi Movin

thanks for your answer. So that’s basically what I have already tried. Maybe I need to regenerate my images, haven’t done that yet. Although I have uploaded some new images which did not change anything either. From my understanding this should only resize to a certain with:

add_image_size( ‘activello-featured’, 1170 );

I let you know if the regeneration worked.


Just use the shared custom plugin and din’t make any changes in it. Also after using that plugin regenerate the thumbnail images by using the following plugin.