How to align the Titles

Hello, i would like to know how can i align the Title on the Text Widget?

When i use the text widget, the tile cames to the left and i need to center the title. I try to use HTML but only works on the content and not with the title.

Does any one can tellme the font used to the titles?

Thanks for the help


i haven’t figured out yet if this theme supports altering css style directly in dashboard like illdy theme. So the right way to do this would be creatin a child theme and than costumizing the correct css class. You have to locate that css class. Ill show u on my example. So i have added a widget with a gallery and a tittle “Our latest projects”

as you see on the right side its aligned to the left. So now i have to locate that css class that is showing this title.

if i add style=“text-align: center;” to this line of code, the text will get centered.

so one option is to locate class=“widget-title” in style.css and add text-align: center to that class, but i belive, if they make an update of this theme, the style.css would be owerritten and you would have to do it again. So i would create a child theme and enter this in that style.css. That way it will work everytime.

This will effect all the classes where widget-title is called!

Hope this helps.

Ok i found how you can alter css directly in dashboard.

you have to go:
apperence - > costumize - > shapely options - > other

than add this line of code and save&publish

.widget-title {
	text-align: center;

again i dont know if “.widget-title” is the css class you are looking for! you have to find that out the way i showed in previous post.

Hi @ heki,

Thank you for your help,