How to center menu items in WordPress Travelify theme?

Thank you so much for a great theme! I have a quick question: where/what code do I alter in the CSS to get the menu bar text to be centered rather than aligned left? I tried editing in several places in the Menu section but couldn’t get it to work. Any help is most appreciated!!

For centring you should try something like this

#main-nav ul li:first-child {
    margin-left: 200px;

Add the following code inside Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS or inside your Child Theme style.css file if one is used.

You can adjust margin-left depending on your website setup.

I centered the menu under the header successfully but now my drop down menus are not working properly. The first category is positioned vertically to the right of the menu. I uploaded a screenshot so you can see.

Do you know how to fix?

How can I add a search bar into the main menu?

Then try adding the same CSS style for menu centering but instead apply it to the specific ID of that menu. It should look something like this: #menu-item-1146 Inspect your website source to find it out.

Now the code should look like this

#menu-item-1146 {
    margin-left: 200px;

To add search inside menu you should use the following basic search form by WordPress

Just look up for menu related code inside header-extensions.php.

Hi. Thanks for a great theme.

I’m trying to follow the directions on and the discussion above for how to add a search field in the menu bar. From what I understand, I need to add the command: <?php get_search_form(); ?> somewhere in my files. But which file?


Hey there. First of all, great theme!

I’m running into the same problem where as my menu items in the drop down tile vertically and screw with the padding. I tried the suggestion of using CSS to center each individual menu item but that caused all of them to stack vertically, whereas only the first item would do that, much like the user above, before I altered the CSS of the individual items.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks