How to center Shapely Theme Features

I have two features in Features Widget. How to center them?
I digged into .class-shapely-home-features, I fully understand everything, even tried to place every element as centered but no luck.
It seems some outer box of 3 is there.

Hey there

Custom CSS is necessary to center them, please provide url of the page

I cannot post an answer because this crazy page is blocking

I edited this file wp-content/plugins/shapely-companion/inc/widgets /widget-home-features.php
Besides adding new items in "$this->defaults = array( " and widget function as well as update function I also modified widget function and added two for loops:

and edited additional CSS:

div.row2 {
display: table;
table-layout: fixed;
width: 100%;
display: table-cell;


For loop is necesarry even for one item because otherwise it does not work.

I cannot post for loop because Cloudflare is blocking with this:
Cloudflare Ray ID: 57eb83aebda9ffe0

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Sorry, Cloudlfalre prevents spams but in this case, it failed :slight_smile:

Is your problem resolved for now? try to post URL of the page, try something like this, siteurl dot com