How to change color of menu bar and widgets?

Hi Aigars,

I downloaded your theme yesterday and have been working on it. What a beautiful theme you designed. Excellent job! And the support here is fantastic. I cant imagine how much time you have put in here to support people who use your theme. Thank you.

I just have a couple of questions which I hope you wouldnt mind helping me with. I am just very very new to WP so please do not laugh if my questions are too basic or silly.

  1. Is there any way that I can increase the width of the body of the site so that it will be a full-width template or at lease close enough to it?
  2. With the header and menu bar, can I increase it to full width? Like this site
  3. How can I change the color of the menu bar?
  4. How do I change color of widget boxes on the right sider?

Thank you very much in advance!

Also one last question, how can I add social media icons and a search box to the top of the header on the right sider? Many Thanks

There are over 1100 comments already, so yes, I have spent some time answering those questions :slight_smile:

Social media icons can be enabled via Theme Options – Social Links.

Recently there were discussion regarding search bar around social media icons. You can read more about it here:

For this theme there are mainly two colors used – #439f55 #57ad68. Changing menu colors without changing rest of the colors won’t look really that good. The easiest method is to just search through the entire style.css for these color codes by replacing them with color you like better.

Widget color you can change by adding this to your Child Theme style.css or inside Theme Options – Other – Custom CSS

.widget {
	background: #eaeaea;

Just replace it with color you want to use.

Creating full-width template is doable but it is way out of scope of free support. I can help you with that, it’s approximately 1-2 hour work if everything goes well. Let me know if you are interested. You can reach me at support[at]

How can i change just one background widget? for example i just want to change Recent Posts background Color.

Something like this should do the trick:

.widget_recent_entries {
    background: #111;