How to change font-family

Hi, I would like to change font-family for Dazzling theme, as my preferred font-family is sans-serif fonts, but right now it is displaying serif fonts for my post and page content. However, I can’t seem find where in the style.css sets the font-family. Could anyone give me guidance on this matter? Many thanks!

Fonts are not defined using default stylesheet but it is defined using Theme Options that prints font-family inside website source.

The easiest method is to use Child Theme style.css to overwrite these settings or simply add your font-family to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS. Since this is the last CSS styling option it is valuated as the most important one and will overwrite any existing style from default style.css and Theme Options styles.

I’m trying to change the fonts just for the main content of the pages, do the font-family tags have to go in the Body of the styles.css or somewhere else?

The best option is to add your custom CSS inside Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS or inside Child Theme style.css if one is used.

Many thanks for that Aigars, I managed to update that, I had tried to upload a webkit font but Wordpress couldn’t “see” it, so I guess I still have a little bit of tweaking required! (The theme settings recognised the font was there in it’s list to select - used Helvetica Neue)