How to change header and menu link color when mousing off the link

Hello, the website in question is I have set up a child theme and have started customizing some CSS accordingly. One thing is annoying me however because I can’t figure it out.

When you click on the header title or any of the menu buttons and then drag your mouse off the text, the color is showing as green for a few seconds while the page refreshes. I can’t find where this is coming from and I want to change it because it doesn’t match anything else on the site. Can you tell me what piece of CSS I should be looking for to edit?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Carolyn,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I checked your site but didn’t find the issue.

Could you please share me the screenshot of the issue and tell me which browser you are using so that i could reproduce it and help you to fix it?

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Vinod Dalvi


I am experiencing the same problem on my site. Did you find a solution? For me I believe it only appears when using a PC, I have not noticed it on a Mac yet. I’m using Chrome by the way.


hello! I am having the same issues… I have changed the menu colors but still can´t figure out how to change the link text color… it is ok when static, but when you click another menu item and wait till it downloads the new page there is a moment (2-3 sec) while the color changes from white to dark green. You can see it on the
the site link is I have tried it both in Chrome and Firefox.

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue.
When selecting the current menu item, the link color is green (the default theme color) until the page is reloaded with the customized style. When selecting a current language from the menu, the page is not reloaded and the green color stays.

I have a screen shot with Developer tools, showing an invalid color property setting. It must be server generated, because I cannot find the setting anywhere in the customizable css files.

My test site is in

Looks like a bug to me, but if you have any solution, please help me.


Actually I found the color in a lot of places in style.css. Seems like it should have been replaced by my customizations. Anyway, the issue is resolved by me making the following change in style.css:

#main-nav li:hover > a,#main-nav ul ul :hover > a,#main-nav a:focus {
/* color: #439f55;*/
color: #fff;

I started a new post about this issue

The solution was to do as you wrote. I also had the same problem for the site title so remember to change that as well if it is the same on your page.

Thank you, Emelie.