How to change image from square to round?

Hi there

On my About Page, I’d like to change the square image to a round one. May I ask how do I go about doing that please?

I tried inserting the code

{border-radius: 50%;}

on the Additional CSS editor and nothing happened.

Clearly I am not doing it right. The I tried it on the page itself for the image code:

But nothing happened too.

Thank you

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
In order to check your question i need to see your live website, please provide url and i will take a look

Just found your website url in another ticket

please use this css:

.page-id-50 .wp-image-56.size-medium {
border-radius: 50%;

Thank you Noda!

It’s done. =)

Have a great weekend.

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Hi, there

Ok I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!