How to change image from square to round?


I’ve created an “About Me” text box widget on the right side bar.
I’ve inserted a photo but it’s square and I’d like to change it to round. Is that possible? I tried to search the forum for the code but was not able to find a solution.

My website:

Thanks much

Hi Lynette,

Could you try this CSS:

#text-3 div.textwidget p img{

Add it to appearance \ customize - additional CSS.
Hope this helps.


It worked!

But I changed the image from thumbnail to medium size and now it looks oval…
Not quite sure how to adjust it. Would you be able to advise please?

Thank you

hey there

Lynette can i see it? please provide url of the page to see he image

Hello Noda

Yes, it’s:

Thanks much!
Best regards

hi Lynette

Yes, its oval because this is portrait image and its not possible to make perfect circle from portrait images, try to use square image :slight_smile:

Hi Noda

Got it. Thanks for the advice.
I managed to work round it. I went back to the photo and cropped it into a square so when I used the thumbnail, the image came out round. =)


You are welcome

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Now I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!