How to change portfolio page to be full width mode

I have a portfolio at my home page(*img2.png) , but when I click the image and goes to that portfolio page my image is being cut by the half (*img1.png) , and the reason why is because my portfolio page is not on full width mode.

i already tried to go to Appearance > Customize > Shapely Options > Blog Settings > Blog Template , but it didnt work because the portfolio page is not a blog template , so nothing happens.

so I want help to solve my problem.


another cause of this problem could be the featured image , when i set my featured the original size is 400x600 , but inside the page the image becomes 400x350

I found the solution , i went to my functions.php and changed the featured image size

Hey natalzinn,

I am having the same issue. Can you specify to which line in the functions.php you changed the size? I can’t find the right value.

Thanks a lot!

i change this line “add_image_size( ‘shapely-featured’, 800, 800, true );” and put the size i want 800x800.

and after that i used the plugin “force regenerate tumbnails”.

Hey @natalzinn,
Hope you’re doing well today
Apologies for the late reply,

Did you manage to resolve the issues you were having?

Please let me know so that I may provide further assistance if needed.

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

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