How To Change Text Colors In Header +


How do we change the text colors in our header image(s)? Also… we are getting the word “Archives.” across the middle of our home page header here: How do we get rid of that? Please advise.

Hi kurtwa,

removing the word “Archives” isn’t possible with the theme settings. However, this can be achieved by using a small code snippet and placed in style.css

.blog h2 {display: none; }

Colorlib Support.

Hi Colorlib Support,
The code snippet didn’t work for me. “Archives” still shows up on blog posts. Is there a new fix? Thanks!
site: Events Archive - MSLC

Hello @silvestars,

Where did you placed the code, I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

The code snippet above is for the blog page only (notice the selector in front), so it doesn’t hide the title on all pages.

You should Right Click > Inspect Element in the browser and get a body class, like:

.events-archive #header .bottom-header h2 { display : none; }

For all archive pages:

.archive #header .bottom-header h2{ display : none; }

Place this in a stylesheet.css and it should work alright.


It worked! Thank you so much!