How to change the font color of my tags, blogroll, categories, etc

Hi, I have a question about changing the font color of my tags, blogroll,categories, etc. Is this unrelated to the pinbin theme ?(which looks great, btw). I have a dark gray background which really makes the featured images on my site pop, but the tags and stuff are suffering. please let me know if you can help.

Yes, I see what you mean by that. You can change color used for widgets simply by editing style.css. You can access it via WordPress Dashboard → Appearance → Editor or via FTP. It is right in the pinbin theme folder.

Find a line in style.css that says

#footer-area .widget a {
  color: #E9E7E7;

and change it to something lighter.
Most likely you will want to change the color when you hover-over links, so the next one on the style.css ir this code:

#footer-area .widget a:hover {
  color: #111;

You can use #fff color for white or choose your own color.

This should do the trick.

thanks I just figured that out! I wanted white so I did #ffffff for everything in the footer, but now I accidentally made the titles of the widgets white. argh! I am not a pro coder but your code is user friendly enough! I have another question though. I uploaded my logo and left aligned it, and it looks great on my laptop, but on my iphone it runs to the right and leaves the page. Is there a code fix for this? ok. One more question too! I am using a featured image for all my posts in the future, and I’m not too keen on the way the featured photo is repeated in the actual post. Is there a fix for this?

I only have an iPad and Android phone and on both devices your website looks ok. Will check your website when I have chance.

Most likely logo is too big to be displayed. But unfortunately I can’t give you an exact fix unless I get my hands on it.

You can at least try to reduce max-height for

#logo img
and see what happens. Just play around numbers to see if anything changes.

Regarding your Widget titles. You can get them back by changing color for

#footer-area .widget h3
to some other color than white.