How to change the seize of image


i have an issue : i have different size of image. Image of post 1 is bigger than my image of post 3. how can i have the same seize ?

for help my website :


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You’ll either need to crop or edit your images to be the same size.
Using CSS to adjust the size of images will cause inconsistencies.

To maintain clean and consistent look make the images the same dimensions.
Here’s some information that will help you with this.

Here’s how to crop WordPress Images:

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Thank you for you answer but i have always the issue with the same seize of image.

It depends on the position of the aricle. the first article on the top have a good image, the last article at the end have a image cutted.

Do you know why ? how can i fixe it ? thx

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I’m not clear what it it is you’re trying to do.

  1. I investigated your site, download post 1, 2, and 3 images.
    While post 1 and post 2 images are the same 710x300, post 3 isn’t.

  2. Is it that your’e trying to get post 3 to be as large as the rest?
    If so you can simply edit the photo’s, also make sure you’re using the correct image for Feature Image feature image of the post.

  3. Ensure the your using the same image setting when you insert an image to the post, click on the image click on the pencil and select the appropriate image. (See screenshot)

If i’m still misunderstanding you use this to record an app highlighting the issue.

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