How to change the Slider width, Feature photo size back+1 column blog posts


Iknow this has been an ongoing issue but I’m super bad at coding and css stuff and I cant seem to figure out how to change the theme so that the feature photos are all displayed in full size. I also changed the layout of the theme a little because I want to avoid having the 2 column thing for my blog posts. I want all Posts to be the same (full size) all under one another (not in 2 columns). ALSO my Slider was a lot wider before the update and now unfortunately it’s very thin and long – none of my photos fit in it properly. I use 970x640 for my feature photos and before the update it was the perfect size for the slider.

Is there any way to fix all of this or to maybe reverse the update so everything stays the way it was before??

Thank you for your help

Hi @simplyshanicexo,
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This has been an issue for a number of users lately, and the thread on the GitHub linked below was started to report the issue and a resolution was suggested which seems to work for a number of persons and should help to resolve the issue:

I hope this helps ?

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Hey ,

I have no idea where the child theme is… i did get the code but I dont know where to put it…

Also it doesnt solve my problem in regards of the other 2 issues i mentioned - I dont want to have 2 columns which is what the original theme does and my slider width changed.

Is there anyway to just reverse the update?

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You could do that if your hosting company takes backups. Just reach out to them and ask if they’re able to do that for you and if they can, they’ll just get it done for you.

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