How to change travelify theme color?

Hi there…you’ve created the them that is clean responsive….Nice work out there man…5 Stars fro the great work…but i have a little question that might not hurt a bt…but i need a little customization on the color theme…instead of light green which is the default i guess…i need to know on how to change int to light blue…sorry for my English by BTW… I would appreciate it if can give me a tip…Best Regards and God bless to a nice guy like you… Sharing is loving

Thanks for giving 5 star rating on!

This theme mainly uses two colors and these colors are spread over several CSS properties.

You can just use any text editor to edit style.css and use search and replace functionality to change color of this theme.
Look of for these HEX color codes in that tile and replace them with your own color codes – #439f55, #57ad68

Can you provide a step by step on how to do this. I need to change the color theme.

It is so basic that there is nothing really much to say.

  • Open style.css which is located in theme folder
  • You can use any text editor like Notepad, TextEdit or other
  • Look for HEX values #439f55, #57ad68
  • Replace them with the HEX values you want to use.
  • Save changes

Thank you for your prompt replay. My other issue is that when my browser is fully open the slider does not match up with the menu bar. Is there a way to correct this?

Thanks! This helped me a lot!

Since Travelify 2.0 you can change theme color via WordPress Customizer which is available via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Customize.

Make sure you update to Travelify 2.0