How to compress files to increase speed of site

I did a search on the Dazzling forum regarding the topic, to no avail. I know it is possible to compress files (without changing the look/resolution of images, but I am not too sure how. Could someone assist in this area?

Thanks in advance,

WP: 4.1.1
Dazzling: Current
Site: curlyafrodotcom

There is a thing called “gzip” and you absolutely must enable it for your hosting. If you have no idea how you can get it done, ask your hosting provider to do it for you. Gzip will reduce CSS and JavaScript file size by up to 70% without changing a thing on your website.

Next thing is to cache all content on your website. For that you can use W3 Total Cache (I am using it for Colorlib as well). However, you will need to configure it properly for your website but there are loads of helpful resources out there what will help you with this task.

Form there you can test your website again to see what other optimizations you can make but these things will help to reduce page size and loads speed by up to 50%.

Thank you Aigars.

I have implemented the above as suggested, and will assess accordingly.

I tested your website yesterday using Pingdom and today after you have enabled gzip and W3 Total Cache. Check history tab on this page to see the difference. Awesome, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks Aigars,

I definitely sense my site is faster, though the link you sent seems to be broken. Is it possible for you to resend it?


Just test your website using Pingdom as it turns out that these websites are available only for me and are not sharable. In short: your website become 30% smaller and 50% faster.

That’s great Aigars; thank you!