How to condense posts view in home page?

I usually write pretty long posts and when I activate the Sparkling theme, on my homepage the posts show at full length. It has a “read more” option, but what’s the point of that if all the text is already visible?

I’d appreciate any help I could get! Thank you.

There is a “More” button in WYSIWYG editor that will create more tag like this:


All content after tag will be visible only when clicking on read more button.

There is also options to automated this by replacing the_content with the_excerpt function but then you will have less control how much text will be displayed in front page. Read more tag is a better and more flexible solution.

How do I replace the_content with the_excerpt? Where’s that at?

You can find it in content.php file right in the theme root directory.

It works. Thank you very much for all the help!