How to connect Contact Form to my email address?

I use the PERSONIFY template Personify - Free Personal/VCard Website Template - Colorlib

It has a Contact form that submits some basic info. I do not see anywhere in the code of that page where to set the destination address. What do I need to do to direct that mail correctly and get my server to email the form details? Thanks

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You need to implement php function to process data processed through form, by default such php files are not included in the themes, you need to find them

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Hi, I have the same question. Noda, can you be a little more specific and maybe recommend something we can do to attach any email address to the contact form so that visitors to our sites can contact us? Thank you.

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this question requires knowledge of the PHP, unfortunately, unfortunately, I can’t write such guides here because there are thousands of guides and tutorials in the net and its up to you which one to use,

Hi, I am having a similar problem. It seems the files are provided and in the documentation it says to simply change your email address in the php file. What else am I not doing correctly?? All JS is already there as well. Thanks.

Files included

Do I need to simply link the mail.php file in the html file?

@whatevermane template does not include php email form processing form, most probably you are using something else, can you tell me which one?

I am using the Datarc template that does, in fact, include a php.mail file as pictured above. I am guessing I need a server to even text the email sending

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“I am guessing I need a server to even text the email sending” - That’s for sure, without a real server or virtual server you cant send anything

Hi, I’m in the same scenario.
I downloaded Contact V12 form (Contact V12) but I don’t really know how to code and link a php function to receive an email with the information that the users filled on the HTML form.
Can anybody help me to code that? Thank you!

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Sorry, it will have the same answer, you need to code it yourself, hire someone to code it or if you have a friend you may ask it as well.
Unfortunately, we cant provide customization support for this case

I am using a Coming Soon Free Template. It has a form to send a email. There is no the code for programing this action. ???

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You have to add such code yourself, it’s not included in the template package

and when on under construction template you added the space for email, at least simply guide us or blog where to add those sending files, remember these are your set of files, you have created identifier to accept email now how someone else write those codes for you until goes through all the codes. What is the use of template then.

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@mmsaaa usualy HTML templates are frontend of dynamic websites, basic knowladge of HTML is fully enough to get it done. Some of our templates contain necessary files but not all of them.
I can help you with this if you have any problem

Thank you for answering if you see your HTML files on this template

and your link above to write a PHP file, you can see that it’s totally different.
While on the index.html file of that template only describing class and not collecting the data in that file, so I try to find out where or how to collect the email here.

Its only class

<form class="contact100-form validate-form m-t-10 m-b-10">
					<div class="wrap-input100 validate-input m-lr-auto-lg" data-validate = "Email is required: [email protected]">
						<input class="s2-txt1 placeholder0 input100 trans-04" type="text" name="email" placeholder="Email Address">

						<button class="flex-c-m ab-t-r size2 hov1">
							<i class="zmdi zmdi-long-arrow-right fs-30 cl1 trans-04"></i>

while on php tutorial you need to have the identifier
How to Send Text and HTML Emails in PHP - Tutorial Republic.

I believe you need to work out more on templates when giving to the general audience. I try to search into file words like submit, forms but it’s too complex to understand. Please give me a solution on how to store the email address, possibly by sending to a website admin email whenever anyone enters.

Thank you!

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The link I provided in the ticket is the example, when there is no php file included in the template you can use that method, however, if you have other ideas it’s totally fine, there are hundreds of methods to implement this feature in HTML form.

where is the answer, i am saying how to make this work. You have given template for under construction site and in that free download template there is email collection option, just tell me the steps to make it happen.

In your previous reply you mention that you can help so I just pick why I am unable to connect the dots. So please read my response earlier tell me how i can use your template to collect email.

thank you


@mmsaaa I’m sorry but I can not set up the form for you, I can only give direction and methods you can use, the rest of the job is on you if you have any problem on this way I can help, but please consider when it comes to customization it’s usually not covered by the support