How to create a carousel slider

Hello, sorry for my stupid question but i’m new in programming…

How do i create a slider carrousel in home page?


Slider setup has nothing to do with programming. You can read more about how to enable slider on theme documentation which you can find here.

Hello Aigars,

Thank you so much for your fast answer.

i already had read that documentation and follow all the steps but still not working.

It’s necessary to create categorys?
one category for each picture?


Category is only optional if you want to use multiple slider with different images on each.

I see that you haven’t really looked into plugin documentation that closely.

Once you have all images and descriptions in place you just have to use this shortcode in WordPress Text Editor.

[image-carousel twbs="3"]

If you don’t know how to use Text editor in WordPress you can read more about it WordPress documentation.