How to create a new widget area?

Hi, i wonder to know how to create a new widget area? Right now there are six widget area ( 1.used for about us layout. - 2. used for provehus layout - 3. sed for about us layout. - 4. used for frontpage layout - 5. used for frontpage layout - 6. used for frontpage layout ) and i want another widget area and i can’t find any documentation how to do that? Hope you can advice me?

Another isue: i have create a slideshow with flexslider and when i insert a link in the text in the post, the link does not work?
Hope you can advice me with this problem too?

Let me know if you need nore information.

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There isn’t an official way to get this done in the theme, however, you may use this plugin to accomplish that:

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much!

FYI: The website project has been taken over from another company.

I you look at attached screenshot you will see the widget area there are used to e.g. header ( top image ) on this page and i cant use the new widget plugin as e.g. a top image on a new page?

Hope you can advice me? Let me know if you need login information.


It seems this plugin Simple Page Sidebars – WordPress plugin | can help you to achieve it but if not then could you please describe a bit more in detail what you want to achieve so that we can help you?

Hi Movin.

Thank you very much for your answer.

This plugin did not work for me either.

But maybe you can advice me to fix it on another way, If you look at the screenshot then you see a top image with a white text in the lft corner, i want to change both image an text, but i cant mange to fix it because on the other pages the top image is in a specific widget and i cant create a new specifuc widget, maybe because it’s create in php and i am not a php guy.

So my question is, how did i change top image and text on the page belov?

Hope you can advice me.


I visited your shared site and it seems you have created it by modifying theme files so you have to change it by modifying same files.

Please note you are making changes in the theme files therefore you have to make these changes again after theme updation as changes made in the theme files get lost on theme updation so we recommend you to use child theme and do not make any changes in the theme files.