How to create an archive page

Hi everyone
I’m using illdy theme and it is fantastic.

I’d like to create an archive page, so I have to create a custom page template (I suppose. If not please tell me how to do). The pages of which I would like to create an archive are subpages of the page “Archive old book published” structured like this:
Archive old book published
– title 1 old book
– title 2 old book
– title 3… (etc).

I know that I have to duplicate and edit the archive.php file and insert it in the theme folder.
The problem is that I don’t know the code I need to insert in archive.php file, and in which line.

Can you help me? Thanks!

Hello @stefiro,

I’m not sure if I understand correctly and also not really positive about what kind of support I can provide you with this.

You can try to make create a new page and place this code at the top of the .php file before anything else, it should create you a page template:

<?php /* Template Name: NAME-HERE */ ?>