How to create child theme of Theme Illdy

How do you guys create Child Theme for Illdy?
I’ve created a lot of child themes already but this one seems complicated since it has multiple stylesheets.

I’ve already created functions.php that contains the function to import the stylesheets.

I also created the style.css that will be used for my customization. I also included the import code there pointing to the main.scss stylesheet.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @marienefr,

Please have a look here first:

If you cannot find all the answers there you should have an additional look here:

If nothing works, I will do my best to better guide you around.


Thanks Ion Rutz!

I somehow managed to make it work after posting here in the forum. Also read that reference you gave me.

Unfortunately, I used both ways of importing the parent theme.
I created functions.php in which I used wp_enqueue_style() function, and for the style.css, I also used the @import code pointing to the main css.

I’ve read that using @import will slow down your website by a couple of seconds – which isn’t good, but in my case if I remove that, the child theme modifications won’t work anymore.

Am I missing something?

Thanks again!


I am having the same problem! And I am almost certain it is an issue with the most recent update of illdy (1.0.29) or newest Wordpress update… seeming as it is working on an older saved version for me using the typical wp_enqueue_style() function. We need to inform someone to fix this issue ASAP!

hope this helps~

Update Failed: {“success”:true,“data”:{“update”:“theme”,“slug”:“illdy”,“newVersion”:“1.0.29”}}

Here is the response after my child theme (successfully connects to a previous version of Illdy)… then fails to update the newest Illdy version.

Please help @ian rutz

Hello @coopwhip,

Please create a dedicated forum post with your issue and if it’s possible, please provide temporary admin dashboard via a private message or directly to [email protected]

Sorry for the trouble!