How to create pagination in WordPress?

Hey Dude ! It’s me again ! Now I have finalize the work on the site, ans if you want, you can check out what I have done ! ( The thing is that I have another issue. I don’t know how to set the homepage to paginate posts… Excuse me for my grammar (I’m a Francophone).

But on the theme demo I’ve seen that after 5 or 6 articles olders were moved to page 2 but I have already 9 posts on the home page, but no pagination as been set up. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance for the work are doing for us ! And the update was great !!

By default it will show 10 posts.
You can adjust this in WordPress dashboard- Settings – Reading – “Blog pages show at most”.

Pagination does not worked. Recently i have used travelify theme and WP-navi plugin to paginate the homepage posts. But when i click on 2 page it redirect to page/2/ but shows the content of first page. homepage shows the posts from particular single category. here is the link of my site