How to create static header image below menu and breadcrumb,..? please help

Hi, thanks for your great theme.

I was install breadcrumb as your post to use plugin and this running well.
Now I want to put a static header image for every page that I had create.

I use dynamic header plugin and put the code into header.php after this code *** <header id=“branding” > <?php do_action( ‘travelify_header’ ); >? </header> ***

<?php if(function_exists(‘show_media_header’)){ show_media_header(); } ?>

My problem is, the image static is show below the breadcrumb. What I would like is Menu, than Header Image Static and than Breadcrumb.

I do all this in my child theme, the header.php that I edit is located in my child theme.

Or you have any simple way? I just want to have a different static header image for every page that I create.

Many thanks for your help.

This theme doesn’t have a basic WordPress structure and the main theme loops and functions are located in Theme Folder - Library - Structure.

For header part you can find necessary code inside header-extensions.php

Which means that you can’t just copy/paste files from Parent Theme to Child Theme and modify it there. It might work in some situation but it won’t in most.
However, you can copy/paste the code from header-extensions.phpto Child Theme functions.php and modify it there. It does work well and I have modified Travelify for several clients this way.