how to delete the pinterest icon on the images

Hello, I liked your theme, many thanks for making and let us know !!!
Gosaria to remove the icon that is in all pinterest as the site of the images here in my country people do not use much this social network.
thank you very much


There are no Pinterest button on images by default on any of our free WordPress themes. You must be using some Pinterest or general social sharing plugin. Check what plugins you have installed and activated to see which one is related to Pinterest.

If you have no idea how to find it you can post your website URL and I will try to find what plugin you are using. But like I said that’s not part of any of our themes.

Hello, Aigars, thank you for attention!

find out which is the pliguin jetpack I had to desabilidar oo share it, to stop this effect.

Thank you for the attention and the subject !!!