How to display excerpt instead of full posts when clicking on tags

Hi there,
I use tags on my blog and when you click on one of them, it shows all of the posts, but it is the full post. This makes for a lot of scrolling. Is there a way to display excerpts of the posts instead of the full posts?

Here is an example:

Thank you!

Hello Ashley

You can use read more tags of wordpress,

Ok, from what I found it says to use the more tag, but I don’t know where I would put this code.
Another option I see is to replace <?php the_content(); ?> that you can find in content.php file with <?php the_excerpt(); ?>
Which I tried, but this did not work.

Hey, ashaplily i can see any mention of <?php the_content(); ?> on the link i provided, please take another look and follow their instruction, this is default WordPress feature :slight_smile: