How to display featured images on post pages?

Dear friend, I like your theme, but why dont display the featured image on single posts like the home page? Thank you

I have no explanation for this. I just created this theme that way.
However, you can add this featured image with a very simple code modification. Here’s how:

  • Open file “content-extensions.php” located at theme folder → library → structure.
  • Find line 261 using any Text editor such as Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac.
  • Add the following code right below opening article wrap.
  • Now save changes and re-upload this file if you edited it locally.

Update: Sorry had to remove this code because it was too long. You can download updated content-extensions.php file instead:
Just unzip and replace it with original and you will get featured images for each of your post.
This should do the trick.