How to display project images in a lightbox

I have my portfolio set up on the front page of my website. I have 4 projects displaying via the “Widget for home widget section” - which has the heading “Portfolio”.

When a visitor to my website selects a portfolio project how do they view the images in a lightbox?

I love the theme, but this is absolutely doing my head in!!!

Thank you so much in advance.

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You can use a simple light-box plugin to add the effect, here are a few that can be used:

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Hi, Many thanks for your quick reply. I have tried that but can’t get it to work!

If I could get the carousel to work using Jetpack, that would be fine, but that doesn’t work either!

Please can you help me, as I have spent hours trying to sort this out. This was my main reason for using the Shapely theme!

Many thanks in advance.


Simple follow these steps,

  1. Install this plugin: Simple Lightbox – WordPress plugin |
  2. In the Porfolio edit screen add the featured Image URL in this box,
  3. Clear your cache, and now the portfolio image will appear in lightbox. :slight_smile:

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I can not find the window to put a custom portfolio link. As I do?

Thank you

Hello @faimurua,

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Please create a new post for your issue because it is a different problem from the one created by the original poster, also, it will be complicated to troubleshoot multiple issues in on thread.

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