How to do the "SEO Friendly" part?

I’m working through the “SEO friendly” part.
I thought first it was displayed by the Homepage, which appears not to work. (the widget are displayed above, and it’s not visible)
Then I tried with a text widget, which seems not to work either…
Someone has a better idea?
Is it working with a plugin?

Thank you all!


Ok, I got it!
It’s a paralax widget, and the text and content are displayed in relation with the uploaded picture.
If the image is on the left, text is on the right, and vice-versa…
Great feature anyway!

I love that theme really much!!!

Have a nice day!


Hi Tom,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

That part is displayed using the Shapely theme “[Shapely] Parralax Section For FrontPage” widget so try using it.

Best Regards,

Thank you too!
I thought I said it, but I found this alone!
Thank you again!

I’ll start a translation in one day or two for that theme, I think (but for today, I’ve some other things to do :wink: )

Have a nice day!


You are most welcome here :slight_smile: