How to download template after buying a license

Hi guys, I’m new here and i bought one license but i can’t download the template I want.
On the page it only show the “preview” button, no download or anything. (

How am I supposed to download it ?

Thanks everyone

Please let us know your purchase code or invoice number and we’ll look into it.

I haven’t buy it yet, sorry for my english. Either way, the “download” button does not appear

You need to purchase it before you can download.

Well, i’m not sure, it is presented as a free template, the license is only to remove the credits on the footer. I saw a lot of people complaining about the same issue and some of them already pay the template, nothing change when you do it.

We’ll still have free templates but the one you mentioned is going to be a premium/paid template going forward.

yes, i do want to buy it anyway but i know that the download button will not appear even if i buy it, that’s the problem

We guarantee that the download button will appear.
Our system had some problems when we first launched the system last month but since then everything has been fixed.

On the description it does say

“Creating a page for a food business need not be complicated with Meal2, a free restaurant HTML website template.”

They’re probably confused because they want to check out how things look before buying a template, and there are a lot of these that say ‘free’ and is locked behind the paywall.

You guys might need to go back and update a lot of them to avoid further confusion so people understand it’s a paid service.

thank you for your feedback,

If anyone has any issue with the download button we can help,
If something is advertised as free and it’s then covered by payment we will check it for sure, if its a technical problem we will fix it