How to Edit header-extensions.php file to make changes to featured slider?


I am new to wordpress and have no experience of php. However I am an ASP.NET developer and have experience of HTML, CSS etc. I am using Travelify theme for my blog and I really love it. I want to make slight change to it and I don’t want the featured slider to be a hyperlink. I was searching around and found this post on this forum

In the answer Aigars has asked the person to edit the header-extensions.php file. I am logged in to the wordpress admin site and in the Appearence > Editor page I can see multiple files on the right hand column but none of them is header-extensions.php

There is one header.php file though but I am not sure how to get access to the file that he has mentioned. Kindly bare my question and guide me as to how I can edit this file as I am new to WP and PHP world?

Also please tell me if the given answer is the best way to achieve what I want or is there an alternate way?


This tutorial you mentioned above is still relevant as of today. The thing is that you can access this file only using FTP clients such as FileZilla or other because it is located in theme folder - library - structure but you can access only root theme folder via WordPress dashboard.

If you don’t have FTP access then you can download the entire theme from edit it and re-upload the entire thing via WordPress dashbord. Not the fastest workaround but it does work.

Thanks Aigars!!
It worked like a charm. I love your theme. By the way is there any chance that in future release you might want to add a checkbox for this functionality as I guess it is quite a common scenerio?

Love your theme and your supoort and highly appretitate your efforts. Please keep up the good workd!


Probably but for now there is not enough demand for it. Theme development is demand based :slight_smile:

Currently I am looking to implement color picker to change layout colors because this feature is requested a lot on this forum and this is my priority for now.

I’m also new and i like very much your theme (i tried a lot !)
I would like used " Featured Slider" on all my pages.
Is it possible ?
I’m sorry, i look on the forum but i haven’t seen that.
it’s a little bit difficult tu understand because it isn’t my language.

Thank you very much

Here is a similar solution I described a while ago:

Thank you. I have already succeeded thanks to help in this subject.

It’s wonderful !