How to edit the Footer correctly?

Hello colorlib-Team! Thank you for the awesome and free theme. I do have a problem and I could not find clear instructions on how to edit the php-footer correctly for beginners.

I wanted to implement three links to the last footer copyright line. I wanted to add “hosted by …” and links to sites like the imprint and the data privacy site. I have never done a lot in php, but have quite some experience in html.

I tried to edit the footer.php via the editor in the wordpress backend and I ended up with an unattractive solution as you can see on

I would appreciate any help!

You don’t need to edit current copyright information as there is option to add custom copyright text on the right side. You can access this option via Appearance - Customize - Travelify Footer - Copyright text.
That form does support HTML, so it won’t be a problem to place multiple links there.