How to edit theme layout like content area, footer, archive etc?

This is an excellent theme! I have already designed the look & feel of my site but love the general layout and functionality of your theme. So I was actually hoping to install it, then modify it so my current design sort of “wraps around it” if that makes sense.

More specifically, I was hoping to be able to edit the header, footer, colors, etc (sort of “theming” your theme, if you will, with a wrapper) but then retain your structure and functionality for the content. If I edit the CSS I can find some basic stuff like the container. But I can’t find where to actually edit or drop in my own HTML for the structure. For example I’d like to get rid of the rounded corners and title at the top, use my existing HTML for the header with my own logo (centered)… in the actual code, not just uploading my own logo in the WP admin area. As great as this theme is, as a developer I’ve found it a little tricky to navigate the folder structure and find where to edit PHP/HTML files for the actual layout and structure of the page design.

Sorry, does that make sense? If so, could you point me to where I can edit the actual design via FTP? Thank you very much!

All structure related content is located in theme folder → library – structure. There are files called footer-extensions.php, header-extensions.php etc.
You can add you own HTML there. It is a bit heavily structured as there are so many functions that it’s very difficult to keep it clean.

style.css contains all the information about design just like in any other theme. Personally I use Chrome build in Developer Tools to find the right section I would modify. Highly recommend to use “Inspect Element” for Chrome Developer Tools.

Rounded corners and other elements are in the style.css. No other stylesheets are used for this theme.

If you are having problems with certain element styling, please let me know and will see if I can help with that.