How to enable Excerpt for Pages in WordPress?


I am on the page edit and can not find Excerpt or Post Edit Screen even when I click on Screen Options? I wish that I could send a screen shot to show you. I also tried clicking on the Feature image to edit thinking that the Title Caption and Description would make the change. With all screen options chosen as I read down page, all I see is…….Publish, Page Attributes, Feature Image, Custom Fields, Discussion, Comments, Slug, Author, Revisions, Select layout for this specific page. Those are the only screen options available and all are clicked?


I went into a post and see that “Excerpt” is an option there but not on pages. My slider feature images are on pages not posts. Can the text be changed within those gray bars in the slider on pages?

You can enable Excerpts for Pages by using plugin. There are sveral similar plugins, here is one example:

i didn’t add any plugin, but my pages have excerpt :slight_smile: )

But if i want disable if for some pages or for all, how can I do?


Excerpts are part of WordPress functionality so it will work by default.

If you want to remove Excerpts you will have to code your own solution for that by adding add_filter function inside functions.php of your Child Theme.

If you want to make this theme upgrade “unsafe” you can look for excerpt functionality inside content-extensions.php and remove it from there.

Thanks Aigars! That worked perfectly!!!