How to enable slider for Activello WordPress theme?

Great work on the theme, I am completely in love with it :slight_smile: I just need a bit of help on slider

I went into customize->Activello options->slider option->show slider
But nothing changed…
I am not sure how to add pictures to slider, can you please help?

Just make some posts with thumbnails.
After that choose the category of these posts and check “show slider” box

I’m having the same issue! I’m SO new at this! I’ve been trying to set up my site to look just like the demo for this theme, but I can’t figure out how to make the text at the top purple like the demo, and I also can’t find anywhere that says “add slider.”

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The Activello theme slider settings are located on the following path in the admin area of your site.

Admin Area -> Appearance -> Customize -> Activello Options -> Slider Option

To enable slider tick “Show Slider” checkbox
Select category from dropdown to use for slider
Make sure you have Featured Images uploaded and added for those Posts which are being assigned those categories.

Find information about how to set featured images for the posts on the following page.

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Hi Movin –

Is there any way to populate the slider with pages vs. posts?

I’m creating the site all out of pages and do not wish to have any posts.

Thank you!


Hi Katie,

To achieve this you have to develop custom coder solution like shared in the following reply for Sparkling theme.


I tried exactly that (using the Sparkling functions but changed ‘sparkling’ to ‘activello’ in all cases), as the meta key was exactly the functionality I was looking for. However, the featured image is still showing in its original form (above the title) and not as a slider. I tried default templates and full width. My desire is to have a pages slider that is controllable individually (using featured image) and that it be full width over the page content + sidebar.

Thank you.

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