How to get "header" photo

I’m wanting to add a header photo to my webpage – is this what is referred to as a “slider” on here? I’m using the Activello design. So I’m wanting the image to appear just below my logo, but above all the content. I want it to appear and be there no matter what menu option someone clicks on. (I only located the logo option and a background image option).

I’d appreciate any tips. Thanks!

(Sorry, this is my second ticket - I wasn’t sure if my first post was done correctly).

Hey there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
The best starting point when building a website is to start with demo data, it’s easier to modify existing content and design rather than start from scratch, have you tried to import demo?

Yes, this is the slider we have on the main page, it can be placed from the appearance > customizer > activello options > slider options. here you must enable slider and choose the post categories for the slider
Unfortuantelly slider is available only for homepage and not for inner pages or posts :frowning:

Colorlib Support Team