how to have call for action button open a new window

Hi there,

I’m wondering how I can have the call to action button open up a new window instead of using the same one? I’m wanting to have a newsletter subscription button via mailchimp, and want it to show up in a separate window.

Thanks so much for creating such a great theme!


Sorry for late response.

Open extras.php file that you can find in theme folder - inc and on that file find this line of code

echo '<a class="btn btn-lg cfa-button" href="'. of_get_option('w2f_cfa_link'). '">'. of_get_option('w2f_cfa_button'). '</a>';

and replace it with this

echo ‘’. of_get_option(‘w2f_cfa_button’). ‘’;

Now button will open link in a separate window.