How to improve WordPress theme SEO?

Here is what I am seeing in the source code. …
The sites logo has tag , the tag <h2 id="site-description".

Then further down the source code I see the tag As an SEO perspective isn’t it better to have the entry-title the tag?

How can I change the code?


Related code you can find in theme folder – library – structure. There is one file for header called header-extensions.php and one for content called content-extensions.php.

These tags are used for theme styling so you will have to adjust divs in style.css because otherwise you broke down the entire thing.

Just FYI, I am involved in SEO for the past 5 years and I can assure that you will be wasting your time by changing tags and divs. Google quit rating them years ago and now it’s all about an actual content. Keywords, descriptions, tags, frames is thing of past and no changes made in theme structure won’t give you anything unless you have few million pages than needs to be crawled by Google bots. Then logical content structure, classification is crucial but just for faster indexing not for positions in Google SERPS.