How to insert another font to typography Sparkling

i have a problem here, i want to insert a font that i get with download from internet, can you help me?

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Hi @erlara,

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If you want to use custom font on your site then you can do so by referring the information provided on the following pages.

If you want to add another font to Sparkling typography options then you can use the attached small plugin that contains the following code.

function add_custom_font(){ 
    // Typography Options
        global $typography_options;
        $typography_options['faces'] =  array(
                        'custom-font-name' => 'Custom Font Name',
                        'arial'          => 'Arial',
                        'verdana'        => 'Verdana, Geneva',
                        'trebuchet'      => 'Trebuchet',
                        'georgia'        => 'Georgia',
                        'times'          => 'Times New Roman',
                        'tahoma'         => 'Tahoma, Geneva',
                        'Open Sans'      => 'Open Sans',
                        'palatino'       => 'Palatino',
                        'helvetica'      => 'Helvetica',
                        'Helvetica Neue' => 'Helvetica Neue,Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif'
add_action('init', 'add_custom_font', 99);

In the above plugin code replace the ‘Custom Font Name’ with the font name that you want to use.

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Let’s say I would like to use Google web fonts, am I supposed to load every fonts I mean to use in the <head> part of the code? Or there’s a way to selectively load only the font I choose in the “typography options”?

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