How to maintain changed fonts for Dazzling WordPress theme

WP: 4.1.1
Dazzling: 1.4.4 (most current)
Site : curlyafrodotcom

Hi Aigars (and Co),

I am having trouble maintaining my fonts across devices (i.e. mobile) and browsers. Is there a code/plugin you would suggest that would remedy said problem?

Again, thanks for all your work with the theme.

You are using font which is not available for all operating systems and platforms. If you define this kind of font on your website but it is not present in users computer/device then systems default font will be used instead of your custom defined one. If you use some rare font you have to either embed it inside website (never recommended) or use it from Google Fonts library.

Here is how we have integrated Google Fonts for sparkling theme. But if you don’t know how to do that there are countless plugins that will help you with that.

Thank you Aigars; I will review your suggestions.