How to make a Gallery in the Projects section?


I like your theme illdy and a huge thank you for the great free theme.
Im wondering whether it’s possible to install a gallery (Jetpack or another wp gallery) in the Project section. What would you advice, how would it be the best way to make a gallery in this theme?

Hello @vav,

The closest thing to a gallery that I can recommend you is to use Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > Projects > Front Page Project Sidebar > Add Project Widget and upload an image and the URL to the big picture in the fields.

I hope this is good enough.


thank you for you answer.

Might anyone know how to add more than 4 posts in the project section for Illdy


I created my web site at the following address:

I would like on the homepage, in the part " Projects Section ", by clicking of images of one of my projects, which it sends towards a web site. It is possible ?

Thank you for your help.

See image below :