How to make links from the headers in the Services section?

Hi there - I have two sections setup under the Services section that I’d like to make clickable (and link to their own page). Could anyone help with this?


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Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it along with and image of the area you want to add the links to?

In order to add a link to a widget area, you would have to add the following code with the URL:

<a href="URL HERE">TEXT HERE</a>

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Hi there, thanks for getting back to me. The site is Wicked Solutions, and the text I’d like to make active is in the Services section near the bottom.

Where would I add the code you mentioned above please?

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You can’t make the title clickable, but you can add links in to the content like this, follow these steps:

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Thank you, this is most useful (:



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