How to make my title tag is H1

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I am Musthafa PA. And today I have analyzed my website for optimal SEO errors. Even my Yoast SEO says you are doing well on SEO. In fact, I have found that none of my title tags are H1. All of them are something like H3 or H2. But for optimal SEO there must be H1 in the main title. I have not found any method to make my titles are H1.

So I wish to know that, How can I make my title tags are H1. It is not possible to use that for every post. I have to do that bulk. Please fix this problem and tell me how can I achieve this.

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In order to change the H3 tags to H1 the code for the entire theme would have to be changed because the H# tag is assigned specifically to each element.

This is a manual process the requires you to create a child theme then edit the theme template to locate and change all the H3 tags to H1.

Here is a plugin to allow you to make a child theme:

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