How to make portfolio/project-slug page match portfolio

I like the default Shapely portfolio layout:

But when I try to display only specific project types it looks different:

How can I get it to match?

I tried using shortcode embedding on a single page, but couldn’t get it to match.


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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

Kindly confirm, how are you loading specific projects only, do let me know more on your setup so that I may be able to advise further.

Colorlib Support Team

I’m using the auto generated portfolio page using slugs.

I had also experimented with embedding shortcode into a page:

[portfolio display_types=false display_tags=false include_type=music-video columns=3 orderby=date order=DESC]

I’d be open to either option, but am hoping to match the main portfolio page (perhaps maybe removing the project type on the hover name).


To clarify my goals:

On my homepage I have different portfolio sections based on project type (Commercials, Music Videos, VFX Breakdowns). I want a few selects to show on the homepage with each linking directly to a YouTube / Vimeo link. This is currently working. In each section I have a link to a portfolio page showing all projects for each project type. I can do this but the layout is not the same. I like the style on the homepage and the general portfolio page: thumbnail with the name that pops up on hover that links directly to the YouTube/Vimeo page. Trying to accomplish the same thing for the project type specific portfolilos.