How to make post title link itself?

Hello there,

I’m using Travelify theme on this website:

All is working fine, except for that I couldn’t make my post title a link (to itself) in my blogroll.
As in here:בדרך-יציבה/

As shown, the only way I’ve found to link a post - from it’s blogroll - to it’s own URL was by using a read-more tag, not from it’s title, but my client want it to link directly from the post title, regardless for the read-more link.

There must be a very simple solution, but I’m probably missing it.
Any ideas?


Hi Roy,

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By default the post title links to the single post page which you can see here on the theme demo page

I have also tested it on my test site and found it’s working the same as shown on the demo page.

Have you made any changes in the theme that caused it not to work?

I can also see you are using older version of Travelify theme so please try using latest version of it.

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Hey Movin,

Thank you very much, updating the theme version did the trick.
Simple as that.

Mark this SOLVED!

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You are most welcome here :slight_smile:

Hi I am using the travelify theme. All is working fine so far except that my POST TITLE can’t be used as a link to open the post. I can click on more button or feature image to open the post.

my website :

Can anyone help?

Kind regards

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